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Présentation de la Conscience Congolaise pour la Démocratie (CCD)

Extrait du message audio  de Mama Jeanne-Marie SINDANI du 19 avril 2008 diffusé sur Congonet Radio. C.C.D. est un mouvement des masses qui a pour but la libération, la conscientisation, l’information et l’éducation des masses qui va demeurer comme une arme irremplaçable après la libération de notre pays. C’est donc une organisation sociopolitique qui se donne comme mission essentielle la conscientisation de nos masses congolaises patriotiques face à l’épreuve du temps que nous traversons  ensemble.  Notre but est le renforcement de l’éveil patriotique qui va nous permettre de développer une maturité patriotique solide pour mieux lutter et défendre le...

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DRC in the middle of the comprehensive solution

We wrote already in October 2008 that an irrational solution [1] should apply to solve the world financial crisis [2] as everyone knows started from the United States of America and United Kingdom. Thereafter we had heard contradictory speeches of the politicians and those of the field of the high finances. The political or diplomatic language (not to say untrue) used by all on the matter had a simple motivation: not to alarm the populations. Inappropriate diversions and operations made were not having enough to choke the file; on the contrary they helped to re-appear with pump and explosion....

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Congo: Expert Officials, Activists Press U.S. Senate to Address Rape as a Weapon of War

“Congo’s women have waited a very long time for the United States to notice the horror of rape in eastern Congo… We don’t want commemorations; we want you to act now.” Despite the heartwrenching topic at hand, there was a palpable sense of optimism in the crowded hearing room, as the panelists and audience members, many of whom have devoted their careers to shining a light on the use of rape as a weapon of war in Congo, seemed to find a ready advocate in Senator Boxer in particular.  Congo: Expert Officials, Activists Press U.S. Senate to Address Rape as...

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