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Journalist-1: Good morning Ms Sindani. What can you say about the flow of African refugees?

Ms Sindani: That is worrying. For these Africans in most cases are young people who leave their countries to flee war and indecent misery. The many young people who die drowned in the Mediterranean sea would  be the strength and future of tomorrow for Africa, which is emptying itself of its vital essence. The history is being repeated and it is a macabre scene. I’m worried. Furthermore many of them will once again be driven back home after having suffered too much in their flight and taken unimaginable risks to come to Europe which can not receive them all. This human drama should make the leaders of African countries thinking about how to resolve this crisis. But unfortunately, they don’t  care!

Journalist-2: How are you Mrs. Sindani? What’s  about the situation in the Congo, is it out of control? Will there be elections? Do you think so? What is your opinion?

Mrs. Sindani: I’m glad to hear from you after so many days!. I’m doing well and everything is ok, but except the situation in the Congo (DRC) which is worsening.

Regarding your 2 main questions, I would just like to remember you that the decision that has been taken by EU, US administration and UN and CENCO to maintain « Kabila » and his regime on power against the will of Congolese and against the DRC constitution after his controversial mandate has expired on 19th of Dec. 2016 was a fatal decision, a strong signal that clearly confirmed that some international institutions, even the local main church through CENCO- are unwilling to support the end of this criminal and illegitimate regime in DRC.

Journalist-1: But the international community is recommending democratie and justice in DRC, isn’t it?

Ms. Sindani: This « democracy » sought by international institutions in the DRC since 1960 is a paradox that mock all their declarations of goodwill and make them obsolete if not ridiculous. This is a paradox that is being denounced even by the Congolese youth sacrificed for decades. Because nothing acceptable can justify their decision to maintain « kabila » and his horrific regime in all aspects after his common known refusal to organize the elections and to leave the power accordingly to the DRC constitution. How can one understand that up to now, all actions taken by the Congolese since 1992 at the « Conference Nationale Souveraine« , even those of the UN experts and all UN Resolutions since 2001 to end the mineral war and genocide in DRC have been ignored until now and all actions for a real change in the DRC have always been violently sabotaged?

Congolese activists and students arrested by kabila's micice at peaceful protest against violation of the constitution

Congolese activists and students arrested by kabila’s milice at peaceful protest against violation of the constitution

Since « kabila » regime is in power, there have been no credible elections, there will be no free and peaceful elections as we have seen it the last 10 years. The whole process is biased and highly criminalized since the break out of the international and mineral war in DRC in 1996, in order to maintain the system and its criminal regime of terror. Neither the will of the large majority of Congolese to end this criminal regime nor the DRC constitution has been respected or taken in consideration.

Therefore the so called « elections » they are speaking about under an illegitimate government in DRC is a fake story to distract public opinion in order to hide their real purpose: the maintain of status quo. It means it is to guarantee a false « victory » through fraud and violence with mass killing that accompany these so called « elections », against the will of the Congolese people. This is not democracy, it is not justice either!

Journalist-2: You mean that the record of the international and national policy of Congo (DRC) is a failure?

Ms. Sindani: It’s more than a failure. It is a denial of Humanity towards the Congolese. It is a policy that disfigures the human conscience on the whole line in the history of the humanity. There are too much injustice, too much suffering and too many victims in total and persistent impunity. We cannot talk about « democracy » in Congo (DRC), which has been under military occupation for 21 years.

Electoral mascarde and genocide in the Congo (DRC)

La GR, private milice of  » Kabila » shooting and killing the Congolese in Kinshasa on 26 November 2011 during the election campaign, RDCongo

Today all institutions in DRC are illegitimate, without people mandate. How can such an illegitimate and irresponsible government leads the country and organize « democratic elections » in few months after being unwilling and unable to do so since more than 15 years of corruption, horrible crimes, mismanagement and predation at all level???

However, many times Congolese people are standing up against this criminal regime; and millions of Congolese have paid and continue to pay with their lives: many others are still imprisoned, especially young Congolese activists, women and children who have been abused daily, enduring horrible treatment under the UN « observation mission » yesterday MONUC, now MONUSCO in the DRC since 1999. Congolese people are enduring horrible treatment daily, many are being massacred or are in jail and the whole world is silent!


DRC: insurection against Kabila and his criminal regime sept, 19-212015. RDCONGO SOULEVEMENT POPULAIRE 2015 KABILA DEGAGE

Journalist-2: do Congolese no longer trust the UN?

Ms. Sindani: How can the Congolese expect the United Nations, the EU or the United States administration to give them genuine support or justice in this context? Therefore they can perhaps count on the civil Society and the public opinion support of people through advocacy and civil rights organizations worldwide for their struggle for peace, justice and human dignity.

Journalist-2: A final word to close

Ms. Sindani: This struggle for awarness should continue and be supported worldwide. We cannot give up; We can not abandon this struggle by questioning the human conscience, respecting international rights and the Divine Laws.

Journalist-1&2: Thank you so much, Madam.

Ms. Sindani: You’re welcome!

Interviewed by: Andreas Baender, Peace for All Org., and Deborah j Wilson, Berlin, 7th March, 2017