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Author: Jeanne-Marie Sindani

 After the publication of this book: Gestrandet im « Paradies » (Naufrage in « paradise »), with the Lambertus publishing house on 07.07.2018, we would like to briefly introduce you to this important documentation work on the topic of migration here and ask for your attention. English& French Versions of this publication will follow.

Book Description

Livre: Gestrandet im "Paradies", par Jeanne-Marie Sindani

Publication: Jeanne-Marie Sindani, Gestrandet im « Paradies », Edition Lambertus, Germany, Juily 2018

The author is confronted with the tragic condition of people who have fled war, terror, violence and lack of prospects in their country. Refugees from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa describe the dangers in their homeland and on the run. The author compares these individual reports with an analysis of the situation in the countries of origin, the causes of mass exodus and reports from human rights and aid organizations.
Finally, she shows how the causes of forced and tragic migration could be combated and how Caritas work for refugees is challenged. The situation in many African countries and the tragedy in The Congo (DRC) are the main topics of Analysis in this book.

 Information about the Author
Ms. Jeanne-Marie Sindani is from the Congo, studied pedagogy, economics and international relations. She is committed to the enforcement of human rights and a peaceful development in her homeland, Congo (DRC). She works in the asylum and migration consultancy in Bavaria, Germany.

we recommend this book and we would be very grateful for your interest in promoting this important publication on migration and resolution of human drama in your network. We are looking forward to translating this book in to English and French version soon.

ISBN 978-3-7841-3058-3
1st Edition, July 2018, 140 pages (in German). The book is online and available from the publisher immediately:,2002.html
19,00 €
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Mme Jeanne-Marie Sindani

Mme Jeanne-Marie Sindani
Auteure du livre: Gestrandet im « Paradies », Edition Lambertus, Freiburg, Allemagne, Juillet 2018

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