Une manif pour sauver les femmes au CongoUL’existence du Congo  (RDC) et de son peuple terriblement en danger!!! Á la guerre des minerais, aux pillages systématiques, bradage du sol et du sous-sol et l’extérmination du peuple se sont ajoutés les contrats léonins, la terreur, la corruption et détournement des  fonds publiques, la misére sociale, et voilá maintenant la terre congolaise vendue aux enchéres. Ä qui? L’ombre de l’apartheid sur le point d’envahir le Congo! Lisez ! Agissez !!! L’heure est á la conscientisation individuelle et collective. Il y a péril en la demeure ! South  Africa farmers offered farm land in DRC DURBAN (Reuters) – South African farmers have been offered 10 million hectares of farm land to grow maize, soya beans as well as poultry and dairy farming in the Republic of Congo, South Africa’s main farmers union said on Wednesday. Theo de Jager, deputy president of Agriculture South Africa (AgriSA) told Reuters that the deal, which he said could be one of the biggest land agreements on the continent so far, was part of Congo’s government plan to improve food security. « They’ve given us 10 million hectares, and that’s quite big when you consider that in South Africa we have about 6 million hectares of land that is arable, » De Jager told Reuters on the sidelines of an agriculture conference in Durban. Many SA farmers interested in DRC farming Bloemfontein – Hundreds of South African farmers have shown interest in farming in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Agri SA deputy president Theo de Jager said on Thursday. « I am replying to emails on a full-time basis now. Requests for more information are just pouring in, » said De Jager. He said he had received more than 500 emails since last weekend. De Jager expressed surprise at the number of farmers from the Free State and Northern Cape area who had made enquiries. « It’s maize and sheep country (Free State and Northern Cape) and that does not correlate with the agricultural conditions in the Congo, which surprises me. »  Many of those enquiring are South Africans farming in America, New Zealand and other African countries. De Jager said foreigners who had farmed in South Africa previously, were also interested while a number were South Africans and Zimbabweans who farmed in the DRC previously but left during the riots of 1997. « They all would like to investigate the possibility of farming in the [DRC]. » De Jager said Agri SA received a formal invitation from the DRC to send a fact-finding mission, through South Africa’s representative in Brazzaville, on Thursday. « They want a group of us to visit as soon as February already. » De Jager said the DRC wanted farmers to produce sugar, maize, soy beans, coffee and tea, and farm cattle and goats.  Many farmers wanted to know about security, the South African government’s relationship with the DRC government, education and labour laws, before making the move.  They also wanted information on agricultural trade contracts already in place and anti-dumping issues. De Jager said many also wanted to know how the Congolese in rural areas would react to white farmers in their areas. « The problem is there are no people in the rural areas, the rural areas are depopulated.  » Farmers who have contacted Agri SA thus far have between 15 and 35-years of experience.  De Jager said this means that they were roughly between 35- and 55-years-old. He said the interest shown does not necessarily mean South African farmers want to leave permanently. « It’s not an uprooting of farmers in South Africa, it’s rather looking for options for the future, » said De Jager. Nevertheless, most farmers indicated that land claims and land redistribution, the labour laws and the general political situation around agriculture in South Africa were making them uncomfortable. – Sapa http://www.iol. co.za/index. php?click_ d=68&set_id=1&art_id=nw2009012914 3947439C940094 —————————————————————————————– Commentaire Si cette nouvelle se confirme selon toute vraisemblance, cela constitue un acte abominable et de haute trahison tout simplement ,car céder nos terres  ancestrales et convoitées par les racistes sud africans ne peut relever que d’une pure débilité mentale! Peut-on accepter que ces mêmes personnes qui ont spolié jadis toutes les terres africaines, bombes a retardement en RSA, prennent d’ assault nos terres par la grande porte ??? Jamais, jamais ,jamais nous n’accepterons cet affront fait une fois de plus au peuple congolais. Nous y reviendrons après amples détails. G. Bwati