Vital Voices Global Advisory Council member and Global Leadership Award recipient, Chouchou Namegabe of the Democratic Republic of Congo, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the hearing « Confronting Rape and other forms of Violence Against Women in Conflict Zones. » Alongside Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Eve Ensler, Niemat Ahmadi, John Pendergast, Robert Warrick and other U.S. government representatives, Chouchou powerfully presented  the need for immediate action to protect women, end the war, and provide assistance for victims. STOP THE RAPE OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN In The Congo Une manif pour sauver les femmes au Congo raped women and children in a refugees camp in Congo Sen. Boxer pledged her support to continue to draw attention to the plight of women in conflict zones and to advocate for urgent action and policy on these issues. She has also pledged to work with all the witnesses to draft a letter to President Obama and Secretary Clinton with recommendations for immediate actions the U.S. government can take to protect women in conflict zones. Lastly, there was a call for a U.S. Delegation to Eastern Congo to bring attention to the violence against women, and to advocate for protection, peace, and prosecution of the perpetrators. Vital Voices will continue to work in partnership with Chouchou, Sen. Boxer, and other advocates to ensure that the women leaders of DRC receive the training,  support and political will needed to bring peace to the country and healing to the women.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE SIGNED THE PETITION AND NOW IS TIME TO TAKE TO THE STREETS SO PLEASE JOIN THIS VERY IMPORTANT RALLY AND HELP DELIVER THE CONGOLESE PEOPLE.

 Join the International Rally against the War in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)